Fast Food Dilemma!

It is so easy to say that I am going to cook dinner everyday, meal prep for breakfast and lunch, so that I can continue this healthy journey.  But I find myself rolling into the drive through at McDonald’s for breakfast, requesting a sausage egg mcmuffin with cheese, because I didn’t take the time or get up early enough to make something healthy for breakfast! Uggg! Why is McDonald’s right down the street from my house!  I guess I am gonna have to meal prep the night before, because lately, I’ve been hitting the snooze button a couple of times before I actually get up and then I don’t have time to cook anything healthy for breakfast.

That takes me on the downward spiral to the local McDonalds! LOL! I’m gonna do better I promise!  It is just so much easier to spend the three dollars and just eat the quick meal from McDonalds and just suffer the consequences, like not being able to zip up my skirt or loose the 20 pounds that I need to get rid of.  Ok, enough whining, got to do a better job of making this healthy lifestyle work for me!  As they say, put the work in and you will get the results that you want.  That’s my goal for this week, to put the work in!  As Always, Be Blessed!

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Healthy Living!

So I have started on a healthy journey for my own life.  With my husbands diabetes and both of our blood pressure issues, we have started making some significant changes to my life.  We decided to cut out pork and ground beef, and substitute with ground turkey.   Also, trying to incorporate as many fresh vegetables and fruit into our diet that we can.  It is really hard for me because I am a potato chipaholic! I think that I just made up a word. LOL!  But I love the saltiness and crunch of a potato chip.  So I have tried eating veggie chips instead and that is working out pretty good. Still not eating completely healthy, but we are doing a lot better than we were.

The other big piece that we are missing is exercising and we are working on that right now.  We have a treadmill and a stationary bike that we have to start using, because right now it is just taking up space and as our clothes rack. LOL!  We had tried walking in the mornings at 5:30 and were really enjoying that.  Don’t know why we stopped?  I think it was because we just got lazy, or were just not taking the time to make the extra effort to get up early before work, but whatever the reason, we need to start again.  So say a little prayer for us, that we would make time for our walks once again.  And As Always, Be Blessed!

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Continuing Lifestyle Change

Since beginning this new journey of our life, and I say our because my husband’s diabetic journey affects all of us, we have made a lot of changes to the way we live.  After meeting with the Diabetic Teaching Center at Columbia-St. Mary’s Hospital, whose nurse and dietician were just awesome, there was just a lot of information to process.  We had to take a look at our entire lifestyle, our eating habits, how we cook, how we grocery shop, how sedentary our lifestyle was, looking into vitamins and supplements, researching the medications that we take, portion control for our food, changing our sleeping habits, we were on information overload and were wondering how we would remember all of this information and still live as normal a life as possible.  Let’s face it, we still had to go to work every day, we still had the ministry to consider, and even though our children are older, we still had them to consider as well, so it was a huge transition for us.

But, you know what, when you have to, you do what is necessary to live the life that you want to.  We are learning how to manage Russell’s diabetes one day at a time.  We have found that it takes all of us, looking out for each other, exercising, reading food labels, baking instead of frying foods, meal planning, eating more fish and chicken, checking our food portions and carb intake, and eating as little fast food or processed meats as possible.  We realize that this is a lifelong journey, but we are in it to win it!  Thank you family and friends for all of your love and support, for you health recipes, all of your advice and tricks of the trade.  We appreciate all of them.  And a special shout out to my Sis. Kandi for being the family nurse! We could not have gotten through such a rough time without you!

And As Always, Be Blessed!

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New Journey!

We sometimes get complacent and let’s face it, lazy, about our health and wellness. But life has a way of shaking up our nice, sedate, complacent little world and making us aware of just how finite we are and just how big our God is! Had one of those moment just the other day. Well, I didn’t, but my husband did, and what happens to him and his world ultimately affects me and mine.

My husband, Russell,had been complaining about running to the bathroom a lot. I was not that concerned thought maybe he was getting a urinary tract infection, but then he added that he was extremely thirty! The first though that jumped into my mind is, “that sounds like diabetes!” So I told him to call his doctor and let him know what his symptoms were.

The next morning he called his doctor, spoke to one of the nurses and was told to come in for an appointment. When he got to the doctor’s he was told to leave a urine sample, they were thinking that he had a urinary tract infection, but when they tested it, his urine glucose registered over 500. When the nurse took his blood glucose, it was so high that the machine could not register it. Everyone kept asking him if he was ok, but he just kept telling him that he was fine. Just thirsty! Needless to say, he was diagnosed with diabetes and is now taking Metformin and Atorvastatin daily.

This is all new to us. So we are now constantly online looking at research, checking out all of the websites that deal with diabetes, downloading apps for our phones, changing our eating habits (because this affects the whole house), and starting an exercise regiment. Please keep us in prayer and if you have any good recipes or new info that we should be aware of, please let us know.

Thanks, And As Always, Be Blessed!

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Proud Mom Moment!


This weekend my daughters had the privilege and opportunity to live out their dreams! My oldest daughter sang with a national recording artist at a live venue in Wisconsin and she was spotlighted as one of the lead singers. My youngest daughter was a runway model for one of the venders at the Annual Milwaukee Glam-A-Thon. So proud of both of them being able to live out their dreams and not being afraid to step up and show out, and allowing your mom to be there to share! Love you guys to life.
As Always, Be Blessed!

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Getting Through This Mother’s Day!

Momandbarb I know that everyone is gearing up to celebrate this Mother’s Day, and usually, I would be getting excited about the holiday. But this year, my heart just doesn’t seem to be in it. My mother passed away a little over a year and a half, and no matter what I do, give myself pep talks, think about the wonderful times that we shared, and even reminiscing and celebrating the wonderful mother that she was, still leaves me with an emptiness in my heart. My mom, who was diagnosed with emphazema over 20 years ago died of complications from cancer in December of 2013. She lived a full, happy, well-traveled life surrounded by her family and friends.
She never met a stranger, and if she didn’t know you, by the time the conversation ended, you were best friends! Her door was always open to anyone in need and anyway that she could help, she was always willing. In the last two years of her life, when she was not able to getup and go the way she wanted to, she was still willing to help by giving good, sound advise to all those who were seeking help and were willing to listen.
So on this Mother’s Day, if you mom is still here, take the time to let her know how much you love and appreciate her. I miss you Jessie Green, but I know that you are in a better place. RIP, and As Always, Be Blessed!

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First Day of Spring!

flower Today is the first day of Spring! This time of year always reminds me of new beginnings, a fresh start, and spring cleaning. We always look at spring cleaning as something that we do around the house. We swap out our winter clothing for our spring and summer wear, we dust, open our windows and let the house air out and we pack away all of our winter gear, like our shovels and snow blowers.
But this year, while we are putting away our winter gear, let’s also take a look at our lives so far this year and do some spring cleaning. Let’s put away that couch potato mentality and get up and exercise, walk out doors and see what how the Earth welcomes in Spring. Let’s get in touch with that family member or friend that we haven’t checked on all Winter, and see how they are doing. As we sweep out all the cobwebs and dust that has accumulated this winter, let’s also sweep out all those bad habits and negative thoughts that have stopped us from doing everything that we wanted to do.
As Always, Be Blessed!

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